MŠK on the world football map

Unique philosophy, elaborate concept of homegrown and young player development. This has put MŠK Žilina at the top in Slovakia and around the world. The only homegrown players league match made us recognizable.

Than The CIES Football Observatory (an independent, research and educational organization) issued regularly reports, rankings and other interesting statistics studies from football world and the MŠK Žilina is appearing more and more in it.

We made history also in UEFA Youth League 2021/2022, where our U19 team qualified to the Round of 16 to become the first team from Slovakia to reach this stage.

season 2018/2019

season 2020/2021

the second youngest

most minutes

season 2021/2022

the fourth

one of the best training clubs



uefa youth league_round 16

season 2022/2023

sezóna 2023/2024