Academy of MŠK Žilina

Jaroslav Bačík

Director of the Academy of MŠK Žilina

Raising players in MŠK Žilina has a long tradition. Currently, however, our homegrown players can be seen perhaps the most on the world football map.

Philosophy of the MŠK Žilina Academy is focused on personality. In order to achieve a common goal, the unity of the coaches, who influence the players through the same principles while respecting the individuality of the player, is the key.

The youth categories of MŠK Žilina are made up of players from the region and talents who came to MŠK Žilina because of the above-standard conditions that the club provides for their development.

The environment in which we create future national team players is favorable thanks to the close connection between the youth and the first team. The motivation of the players to go through the academy to the first team is huge, supported by daily efforts. Anyway, not all of them manage to achieve this goal. However, every graduate of the academy is enriched with experiences that will help him in his further football career.

For the entire team of people who influence the development of players in a unified philosophy, it is a big challenge to maintain the set trend. Successes so far are a commitment, but also a motivation for continuous improvement, because the player of tomorrow must be even more skilled, more accurate, faster and stronger.